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2317 Paramount Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32224
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License# MA74694

Monday-Saturday 9AM to 8PM

Please call 904-742-1058 to schedule your massage.
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Parkinson Pain Relief
Muscle stiffness is just something I’ve had to constantly live with since I was diagnosed with Parkinsons a decade ago at the age of 41. Before that, I was an avid athlete and thought I knew soreness, but never anything like this. That’s were Nataliya comes into the picture. I have been to so many massage therapists that I could have my own website reviewing them. No massage therapist even comes close to the relief from soreness that I have consistently obtained from Nataliya’s massage techniques. Don’t even ask me what she does differently, because I have no idea, IT JUST WORKS.

The Center For Disease Control and Prevention has stated that up to 90% of disease in America is related to stress. One of the most effective and enjoyable ways for you to alleviate stress is to come have a massage from Nataliya. She is simply the best. Message Therapy is Nataliya’s life.
John Baumann, Inspirational Speaker with Parkinsons - Louisville, KY


Whiplash Pain Relief
I have to say I am so glad I found you!  I was at the darkest part of my life and in severe pain with whiplash, that I didn't know what to do next.  I was grasping at straws.

Then came across my mind that I need some type of therapy.  I asked my chiropractor what else I could do to help myself heal through this or at least help with the pain.  He stated massage therapy was probably the best thing to do because it helps to release the spasms and pain in my muscles.  I don't know if you really realize how bad my pain was when I first saw you.  I wasn't sleeping, let alone
thinking or able to even think positive about anything at that time.

But I knew I was in the right place when you took me into your hands and made it easier to deal with the pain and healing from the whiplash.  I had no idea whiplash could be this bad - but my goodness, you have been my saving grace.  I prayed and prayed for someone to help me and asked God to send me someone who cared and he sent me you.  Thank God and I want to say thank you and let you know I appreciate everything you did and are still doing.

You have changed me in so many ways, you have shown me different ways to be positive through out this ordeal and how I do have control over my own fate and healing.  Who knew that massage therapy would heal.  I am a firm believer, I tell every one about you.  God answered my prayers. He sent me to your path.  Thank you so much you are totally awesome!!!

Susan S - Louisville, KY

Bulging Disk Pain
Please help me….these are the words I kept asking various professional groups for my lower back problems. After I received the results of my MRI, the diagnosis was a bulging disk in my lower spine.  Spinal injections with pain medicine provided temporary relief.  Numerous trips to several physical therapists over a 6 month time period provided only minimal relief.  After a series of massages by Nataliya, I found the relief for my lower back pain.  I now incorporate massage treatment into my routine twice a month.  In addition to pain relief, massage has improved my body flexibility and my overall health and lifestyle.  Nataliya provided the professional and personal attention I required and gave me the help I needed.

Chris from UPS - Louisville, KY


Trained Hands
I had a very relaxing experience all the way
through at Nataliya MassageEasy parking and professional warm decorThe strong, skilled hands of Nataliya were very adept at just the right pressure, finding spots deep in my shoulder and neck. Her work on my feet also gave a real relief afterward.  I will go back and personally refer anyone who appreciates or wants a truly professional massage, in an enjoyable atmosphere. Very experienced trained hands!

Jason C - Louisville, KY


Best Massage Ever
 Best massage ever! Went in with right side body pain from neck to hip. Natalie was able to pin point every area of tightness and worked on that area until I felt relief.  She listens and offers suggestions on how to relieve by stretching and self-massaging at home.  I have never felt so wonderful after leaving a session...very relaxed and pain subsided.

Terri - Louisville, KY


Recommend her
Natalie has a nice demeanor about her and had some nice techniques.  I travel around and often receive massages.  Natalie did a great job and I would recommend her services to my friends and players.

Brian Doo, Boston Celtics - Boston, MA

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